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Registration Number: 001 - 044 NPO

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Magen David Adom is a non-political, not-for-profit humanitarian organisation that depends on supporters from across the world to save more lives.

Donate Medical Goods

Magen David Adom’s Shopping List

Magen David Adom South Africa is happy to accept donations of any size.

Below gives you an idea of what your donation could buy.



Mass Casualty ID tag

Enables MDA Medical Teams to categorize victims in mass casualty
scenarios, in order to be able to triage and treat casualties

Price per 1000 units
1,500 NIS


stick light

Stick Light

Enables MDA Medical Teams to identify themselves and casualties in
darkness to allow for treatment in the dark

Price per 1000 units
10,000 NIS
endotracheal tube

Endotracheal Tube

Intubations Tube, used to ventilate the patient in critical condition

Price per 1000 units
700 Pound
intraosseuse line access (B.I.G)

Intraosseuse line access (B.I.G)

When IV access is unavailable, this “gun” shoots a needle into the bone
marrow, allowing induction of fluids and medicine into the body system

Price per 1000 units
alcohol preps

Alcohol Preps

Cleaning and des-infecting the skin before puncturing with a needle

Price per 1000 units
chest decompression needle

Chest Decompression Needle

Used to decompress air in the injured chest cavity, in critical chest injured

Price per 1000 units
8,000 Euro
surgical blades

Surgical Blades

Used to cut sterile equipment, cutting the umbilicus cord etc.

Price per 1000 units
3,000 NIS


Attachable electrodes for monitoring cardiac rhythms.

Price per 1000 units
sterile syringes in different sizes

Sterile Syringes in Different Sizes

Used to inject medicine into the patient

Price per 1000 units
gauze pads

Gauze Pads

Used to absorb and pad wounds

Price per 1000 units
scissors adhesive tape

Adhesive tape

Used to apply first aid dressing to wounds


Price per 1000 units
gauze rolls

Gauze Rolls

Used to cover wounds to avoid infection and further damage to the skin

Price per 1000 units
300 NIS
sphymomanometer and stethoscope

Sphygmomanometer & Stethoscope

Enables to check the patient’s blood pressure. Used by all teams – First Responders, E.M.T’s, M.I.C.U Paramedics and Physician’s

Price per 1000 units
trauma cervical collar

Trauma Cervical Collar

Used to prevent head movements of trauma patients

Price per 1000 units
iv needles in different sizes

IV Needles in Different Sizes

For the administration of medications and fluids

Price per 1000 units
ambu resuscitator -adult and children

Ambu Resuscitator – Adults & Children

Apparatus for emergency manual ventilation. Self inflating air bag, valves, face mask and oxygen flow connector. The child size is optimal for ventilation for premature babies, infants and children.

Price per 1000 units
oxygen cylinders

Oxygen Cylinders, Small Size

Portable. For use on all MDA Life Saving Vehicles, First Responders etc.

Price per 1000 units
oxygen cylinder regulators

Oxygen Cylinders Regulators

The device regulates the flow of oxygen (liter/minute) that is given to thepatient, allows an accurate monitoring of the oxygen given to the patient.

Price per 1000 units
laryngoscope kit

Laryngoscope Kit

Handle and various sized blades for a life saving procedure - Intubation

Price per 100 units
first aid dressing

First Aid Dressing

used to cover wounds and control bleeding

Price per 100 units
oxygen masks

Oxygen Masks (all sizes)

Disposable oxygen masks for patients

Price per 1000 units
non latex gloves

Non Latex Gloves

Disposable rubber gloves, used for all medical procedures.

Price per 1000 units
65 euro
trauma bag

Trauma ALS Bag

This backpack contains all basic and advanced life support medical equipment. Enables MDA medical personal to administer medical treatment in various situations. The kit contains BLS (Basic life support) and ALS (advanced life support) equipment. Used by First Responders Paramedics and all Ambulance Teams

Price per unit
iv fluids

IV Fluids

IV therapy for regaining volume of body fluids.

Price per 1000 units
plastic airways

Plastic Airway Pharyngeal Device

For adequate ventilation in the unconscious patient on the basic level.

Price per 1000 units
200 BP
ice pack

Ice Pack

Used to cool wounds, fractures and flesh wounds

Price per 1000 units
1,000 euro


Used to control severe bleeding in the extremities.

Price per 1000 units
8500 NIS
normal saline fluid

Normal Saline Fluid for Injection

Physiological fluid Used to dilute medicine and for the flushing of wounds. Also used in inhalation therapy

Price per 1000 units
1,000 NIS
triangular bandage

Triangular Bandage

Used to cover wounds and to immobilize fractures

Price per 1000 units
childbirth delivery

Childbirth Delivery Kit

This kit holds all disposable, sterile medical items used in Gynecology emergencies and Baby Deliveries

Price per 1000 units
asherman chest seal bandage

Asherman Chest Seal Bandage

Used to seal open chest wounds, with a one-way valve

Price per 1000 units
60,000 NIS
pco2 sensor adapter

PCO2 Sensor Adaptor

Enables MDA ALS Teams to evaluate the quality of the patients ventilation

Price per 1000 units
inhilation mask

Inhalation Mask

Enables inhalation medical therapy for respiratory patients (asthma, smoke inhalation)

Price per 1000 units
facial mask

Facial Mask

To be used by both medical teams and patients to protect from viruses

Price per 1000 units
2,000 NIS
quick trach

Quick- Trach

This device allows a quick lifesaving surgical procedure to enable direct tracheal ventilation

Price per 1000 units
intercostal drainage

Intercostals Drainage Kit

This kit enables a lifesaving procedure to drain and decompress critical chest injuries

Price per 1000 units
25,000 pounds
contaminated medical waste basket

Contaminated Medical Waste Basket

Used in all MDA Emergency Medical Vehicles, Blood Services Units

Price per 1000 units
2,000 Pounds
disinfection solutions

Disinfection Solutions

Used in all MDA Emergency Medical Vehicles, Blood Services Units

Price per 1000 units
7000 NIS
life savinf medication

Life saving Medication

An assortment of lifesaving medicines used by ALS Mobile Teams

Price per 1000 units
500,000 NIS
first aid

First Responders Kit

A life saving kit designated for the use of our First Responders equipped with Basic Life Support equipment

Per Kit
@,000 NIS